Hiawatha, IA locals are frequently advised to change their oil at least once every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. However, if you're someone who doesn't drive very often, you may be wondering if this recommendation is still right for you. At Junge Volvo Cars, we want motorists to know why oil changes are important even for vehicles that aren't being driven regularly or for long distances.

The Age of Your Vehicle Matters

The older that a vehicle gets; the more often that its oil needs changed. If your car is ten or more years old, you may need to change the oil once every 3,000 miles. Keep in mind that manufacturer-recommended oil change schedules typically assume that vehicles are relatively new. It is additionally important to note that certain engine types can also make it necessary to perform more frequent oil changes. Thus, you should always be sure to check with both your owner's manual and an automotive technician.

Less Frequent Driving Can Sometimes be Harder on Your Car

People who drive their cars infrequently tend to make a lot of short, in-city jaunts. As such, their vehicles endure the significant ravages of having to operate in stop-and-go traffic. If you routinely make short drives like these, you'll need to increase the frequency of your oil changes accordingly. To discover the best schedule for oil changes for your vehicle, or to have your car serviced by seasoned professionals, come see us at Junge Volvo Cars now.

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