Which style of car seat best suits your child? The kid's weight, age, and height are the best ways to determine what style you need.

Any infant under one year of age should be in a rear-facing car seat. The rear position cradles the small baby's head, neck, and back during an accident. The longer you keep the child rear-facing, the better protected the child will be. At some point, however, the infant will outgrow the rear-facing model. That's the time to move to a front-facing model. Select a model that will grow with your child for the next few years.

When your child outgrows the front-facing car seat, you need to move to a booster model. A booster lifts the child into a position where the seat belt crosses the shoulder and chest while laying firmly across the hips. Check out the family-friendly vehicles here at Junge Volvo Cars in Hiawatha, IA today.

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