Volvo S60 trounces competition in the luxury compact sedan class. Its perennial popularity has as much to do with its supreme handling and power as it does with the Volvo S60's cutting edge safety features. Our Junge Volvo Cars team selected the following two for your consideration.

Oncoming Lane Mitigation

At speeds above 37 mph, Volvo S60 actively corrects your trajectory if you veer outside of lane markings and a collision with a vehicle up ahead becomes imminent. The active steering happens automatically, accompanied by a warning.

Driver Assistance System

The Driver Assistance System is evolved, intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control. In heavy traffic, the system provides subtle steering support and lane-keeping from stillness up to 80 mph. To activate, you only need to keep your hands on the wheel, and the system automatically disengages when you take your hands off the wheel.

Pop into our Hiawatha dealership today for a Volvo S60 test drive, and see its stellar safety features up close, personal and in real time.


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