The Volvo V60 has been enjoying its spot at the top. It has been one of Volvo's most popular midsize sports wagons for some time, and all you have to do is look at it to see why. One trim that Junge Volvo Cars wants to explore is the V60 Momentum Trim.

Charcoal Finish

One thing that should be pointed out are the charcoal details in the V60 Momentum. You can find these finishes throughout the vehicle, like in the roof rails, which ends up making the vehicle look much more sophisticated and worthy of its name.


Another thing that makes the Momentum special is the LED headlights that come with an exclusive T-shape light design; this makes the lights stand out while driving the streets of Hiawatha, IA at night.

We cannot wait for you to test drive the Momentum Trim so that you can see and feel the difference. We are confident that you will like it as we did, and we are confident in Volvo and its models.

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